Swear words are often heard at school, muttered quietly when a homework assignment is forgotten, or yelled out loud after school. But could this habit of cursing be harmful?
Cursing is a habit that is easy to pick up, but very difficult to drop, and makes people think negatively of the swearer.
In the “Naturalistically Observed Swearing, Emotional Support and Depressive Symptoms in Women Coping with Illness”, women with breast cancer or rheumatoid arthritis wore an Electronically Activated Recorder, or EAR. Researchers noted the amount of swearing that each of the patients uttered, and even the mildest swear words decreased the amount of emotional support the patients received from visiting relatives. It also increased the depressive symptoms of the patients over the study period.
“If your speech is lazy, vague, and unimaginative, your mind is sure to follow,” Dr. Alex Packer, an educator, psychologist, and substance abuse prevention specialist, states in his book, “How Rude!” He says this book “shows teens how to use good manners to build fulfilling relationships, get what they want out of life, feel good about themselves, and save society from a total manners meltdown.”
Swearing can affect the amount of emotional support one gets, as well as their mental health.

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