The Manhattan Beach City Council planning committee voted to approve the Gelson’s supermarket plan at their April 4 meeting. The supermarket will be located at the southwestern corner of Eighth Street and Sepulveda Boulevard.
During the planning commissioners’ 20-day appeal period since April 4, the decision was appealed by two separate groups. “Basically, the groups are concerned about not enough parking at the project and concerns about traffic increases on Sepulveda Boulevard, and how that will impact the people living near the project,” City Councilmember Nancy Hersman stated.
On May 2nd*, a public hearing will be held. After hearing from the people who have worked on the project for two years, the groups who appealed the project, and the public, the City Council has four decisions to choose from. The Council can vote to agree with the Planning Commission’s decision. Second, they may agree and make changes to the proposed store lot. Third, they can send it back to the Planning Commission for further planning, or fourth, deny the project completely.
The owner of Gelson’s property is Paragon Commercial Group. The principal of Paragon, Jim Dillavou, says construction time of the project will take nine months starting the day of breaking ground. The project includes an extended sidewalk on Sepulveda, and three additional crosswalks. Paragon is expecting to begin construction this summer.

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