Science Camp is a highlight of the 6th grade year. At Pali Institute, students develop leadership skills, bond with other classmates, and strengthen their group work skills. However, there are several issues that may result in Science Camp being cancelled next year.
This year, MBMS fell short of the amount needed to cover the expenses of the trip by $15,000. Families do make donations to help cover the costs of the trip, but unfortunately this year the donations weren’t enough.
Twenty percent of the 6th grade class chose not to go this year. If a significant amount of students do not go, the field trip does not benefit the whole class and that is one of the curricular reasons for the trip.
Mrs. Linz is currently surveying 5th grade families in the district to see if their kids are interested in going to Science Camp in 6th grade. If MBMS cannot raise enough money next year to fund the trip, and a significant portion of the 6th grade class does not go, then Science Camp may be cancelled next year.
It would be really disappointing if Science Camp is cancelled next year. Students enjoy the camp, and develop skills that may be necessary for their futures. The trip also creates a closer 6th grade class, and the bond sticks with students throughout middle school and is an important trip for student independence.

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