The ten students on the MBMS Rube Goldberg Team recently went to Columbus, Ohio for the final round of the Rube Goldberg contest on March 26th. The team placed third overall along with earning the Teamwork Award and were also granted a $500 check.
The students on this team are Thomas Gerken, Jax Stutz, Bennett Harp, Kelly May, Neal Jha, Ryan Lee, Emily Doami, Kayla Lowenberg, Faye Liu, and Ben Hant.
A Rube Goldberg machine is a machine that makes the overall simple objective purposely very complicated and complex. The semi-final round that placed them into Finals had a theme of Around the World in 60 Seconds. They used the same machine with the same theme in the Final Round but added a few more steps.
One of the students on of the team, Kelly May, says,ā€I really liked our group and we worked well together.ā€ She also made closer friends and bonded with them.

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