Many people fall into the trap that stress is harmful. Although stress can have some bad impacts, it can actually boost productivity and make students more successful.
Eustress, a type of normal stress that everyone experiences, affects productivity and performance. Eustress functions by building up enough pressure for one to succeed, but not so much to the point where one is experiencing distress. Eustress basically helps one enter a “flow” where one is completely focused and absorbed in their activity, causing them to work faster, and smarter.
Stress can help immunity to emotional and mental injury because when someone is stressed, the body produces extra interleukins. Interleukins are chemicals that help keep the immune system stable and regulated. When there is a stable supply of interleukins, it can help make someone have a faster mental recovery to mental injuries or infections, such as harassment or abuse.
In addition, small, daily stress can actually help fight off big, chronic stress. Chronic stress is stress that is serious, and goes on for a long period of time. Chronic stress actually is known to negatively impact one’s DNA, but daily moderate stress can create “psychobiological resilience” that will create a resistance to chronic stress.
Overall, stress can be a productivity booster and a beneficial impact for one’s health.

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