As kids and teens grow up, the pressure of family, friends, school, and extracurriculars can weigh them down and cause stress.
Becky Beacom, a health education manager for the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, asked 124 adolescents to acknowledge what they found most stressful in their life. Homework/school, parents/family, social life, time or lack thereof, and sports were the main contenders for stress boost.
Under these different topics, students mentioned they were worried about their grades and their GPA, along with tests and studying. They also mentioned how stressed they were about parents’ expectations, pressure to do well in school and in life, and blowing it if not able to meet the expectations. The survey also showed students stressed about relationships with friends, extracurriculars, and try outs. Deadlines, lack of sleep, and unpreparedness popped up as well.
Students at MBMS have participated in a poll that includes these topics. Seventy-eight% of students said homework/school stresses them out, 54.1% said lack of time, 43.2% listed sports or extracurriculars, 40.5% indicated social life is stressful, and 37.8% chose parents/family. These statistics match Beacom’s survey, with homework/school being the top contender for adolescent stress. However in Beacom’s survey, parents/family was the second most stress starter, while at MBMS, lack of time is.
Very young children, even preschoolers, can experience stress, according to When a child feels overwhelmed by anything, such as the separation from a parent, a full schedule, or troublesome news about the world that can affect their safety, stress is a major outcome.
Adults are not the only ones that experience stress. Kids and teens may feel it too.

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