Approximately 68% of teens are stressed due to schoolwork, and being stressed can have uncomfortable symptoms such as becoming easily agitated and irritated, being overwhelmed, having difficulty calming down, low self esteem, low energy, headaches, a clenched jaw and grinding teeth, nervousness, and aches and pains. However, teens can get rid of stress by following these simple tips.
People can calm down and relieve their stress by getting some fresh air. The smell of the outdoors often calms people down, and fresh oxygen energizes 90% of people. Also, just being outside and taking in the sights makes people stop focusing on their worries.
Mr. Pestle, an eighth grade English teacher, has his students meditate for one minute before class starts. “Studies show that you can be healthier by relieving stress by just taking time out to breathe,” he says. “I think it gives [students] a tool so that they can overcome the stress and take action over whatever it is they are stressing about.”
Following a routine helps many de-stress. After a worrying situation, some find calm in following routines such as walking the dog at a specific time, or having coffee every day. Routines help people take their lives back from stressful situations.
Talking to a trusted family member, friend, or therapist about problems can help relieve the stress people have, and people may be able to offer solutions.
Following these tips will relax stressed teens and help them de-stress in the simplest ways.

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