Stress is something that everyone can relate to in middle school, so most kids know just how much of a toll it can take on people’s lives. although there are the common symptoms such as headaches and tiredness, stress can affect everyone in many ways.

A study conducted by Harvard University found that children who are dealing with toxic levels of stress in school ironically perform much worse academically. When a child has too much to deal with, the result is in most cases sleep deprivation and a lack of social activity. The study also found that children dealing with large amounts of stress have been found to have impaired behavioral and emotional development. Some common emotional effects that are induced by stress include angry outbursts and social withdrawal.

High levels of stress can also have serious affects on the bodies of children. Stress that is left unchecked can not only result in many small issues, such as headaches and muscle tension, but can lead to many serious health problems in the distant future,. including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. As people age even more health issues ensue including high risks of hypertension and blood vessel problems, along with risks of strokes and heart attacks.

Though small amounts of stress can help people do things efficiently, the problems that result from pushing the human body too far don’t even begin to outweigh the benefits. So if someone has far too much on their plate, than there is one sure way to make sure they don’t have any life-threatening health problems, and that is to meditate, slow down, and find a way to relax.

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